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Accounts Receivable Financing
Gold Medal Funding takes pride in offering specialized Accounts Receivable Financing services, providing businesses with a reliable financial lifeline to enhance cash flow and maximize their working capital. Our mission is to empower businesses to efficiently manage their cash resources, seize growth opportunities, and maintain financial stability. We work closely with our clients to create customized financing solutions tailored to their unique needs, ensuring a steady and predictable cash flow.

Purchase Order And Trade Finance
Gold Medal Funding proudly offers specialized Purchase Order and Trade Financing services, providing businesses with the essential financial support needed to fulfill orders, manage inventory, and capitalize on lucrative trade opportunities. With a commitment to fostering growth and success, Gold Medal Funding collaborates closely with clients to structure tailored financing solutions that ensure seamless supply chain operations.

Asset Based Lending
Gold Medal Funding offers comprehensive Asset Based Lending services that provide businesses with a dynamic and adaptable approach to accessing essential capital. Our expertise lies in crafting tailored financial solutions by leveraging a company's valuable assets, such as accounts receivable, inventory, and equipment, to secure lines of credit. This enables businesses to unlock liquidity while maintaining operational momentum, supporting growth initiatives, and seizing market opportunities.

With a commitment to understanding each client's unique financial landscape, Gold Medal Funding collaborates closely to design lending strategies that align with their goals to ensure a steady flow of funds to fuel success. Our Asset Based Lending services stand as a cornerstone of financial empowerment, allowing businesses to fortify their foundation and achieve sustainable, long-term prosperity.

You can bet your bottom dollar,
we got your back.

Business Credit Cards
Gold Medal Funding proudly presents its Business Credit Card services, designed to empower enterprises with a versatile and accessible financial tool for managing expenses and optimizing cash flow. Our Business Credit Card offers a seamless solution tailored to meet the unique needs of modern businesses, providing a convenient way to make purchases, track expenditures, and maintain financial control.

Personal Credit Cards
Introducing Gold Medal Funding's Personal Credit Card services, designed to provide individuals with a secure and versatile financial tool to manage their personal finances with ease. Our Personal Credit Card offers a range of benefits, from convenient spending options to valuable rewards programs, all backed by Gold Medal Funding's commitment to excellence and reliability. Whether you're making everyday purchases, planning for special occasions, or seeking financial flexibility, our Personal Credit Card empowers you to take control of your financial journey.

Unlock Your Business’s Potential With Tailored Loans and Financing Solutions Fuel your business’s growth with Gold Medal Funding’s quick business loans, strategic financing, and tailored solutions.

Traditional Lines Of Credit
Gold Medal Funding is pleased to offer Traditional Lines of Credit services, providing businesses with a reliable and versatile financial solution to manage their ongoing operational needs. Our Traditional Lines of Credit are designed to offer a consistent and flexible source of capital that can be drawn upon as necessary, allowing businesses to maintain steady cash flow, seize growth opportunities, and navigate various financial challenges.

Equipment Financing
Our Equipment Financing services are designed to empower businesses with the resources they need to acquire essential equipment and technology for growth and efficiency. With a deep understanding of the pivotal role equipment plays in various industries, we offer tailored financing solutions that enable businesses to modernize, expand, or replace their equipment without depleting their working capital.

Equipment Revolvers
Gold Medal Funding is thrilled to introduce its Equipment Revolvers services, a dynamic solution that empowers businesses to effectively manage their equipment-related financial needs. Our Equipment Revolvers provide a revolving line of credit specifically tailored for acquiring and maintaining essential equipment, ensuring your operations remain agile and competitive.

Lease Buy Backs
Gold Medal Funding is excited to introduce its innovative Lease Buy Back services, providing businesses with a strategic financial solution to unlock capital from their existing leased equipment. Our Lease Buy Back program offers a unique opportunity for businesses to access immediate funds by selling their leased equipment back to us, while still retaining the use of the equipment through a lease arrangement.

Revenue Based Lending
Gold Medal Funding presents its Revenue Based Lending services, a dynamic financing solution designed to align with your business's cash flow and revenue performance. With a deep understanding of the varying financial needs businesses face, we offer innovative Revenue Based Lending options that provide capital based on a percentage of your company's revenue.

Blue Wealth Government
Subsidized Program

The Affordable Care Act increased incentives for employers to adopt self-insured healthcare programs. More focus is being placed on consumer-based approaches with an emphasis on preventative care. One approach is to establish a Wellness and Integrated Medical Plan Expense Reimbursement (WIMPER) program. This unified health care approach provides a tax-advantage, affordable means to purchase secondary health insurance products. A medical insurance plan along with a well-designed wellness program encourages employees to take personal responsibility to help minimize healthcare costs.”

Merchant Credit Card Processing
Upload previous 3 months of bank statements when submitting your information, and we will reach out to you with additional information.


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