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If the air quality in schools doesn't make the grade,  how can we expect them to.

Should that headline be a question, a statement or a phrase. In respect to higher learning programs, and the American Lung Association, it actually depends on the reply from the school, of which we would hope the response would be, "oh, the quality of the air in our classrooms is fantastic!'" Should that be the case, that's a really good thing however, in many cases, that may be far from the truth.


Unfortunately, most people, teachers, students administrators and even the principles don't know the answer to a simple but very important question. We all want children and teachers to be safe however, there are dangers that are not always obvious but very present. Air quality, pathogens and other airborne viruses in schools can affect brain functionality, harm young and growing lungs which affects how children breath and how they learn. It can also cause health problems for faculty and staff. You can be proactive and help protect your family and your community by learning more about keeping the air in schools clean and healthy.


Understanding what makes indoor air unhealthy and the specific pollutants that might be present in schools is the first step to addressing the problem. Taking action responsibly requires an immediate response considering that air pathogens that we can't see can compromise the nature of our young leaders as our educational system needs to do better and so should we. We can raise the bar and the value of our future decision makers and it begins with the right decisions that we make today as educators because the mind and the future is a terrible this to waste.

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Hug the one you love.

This beautiful young lady is not a tree hugger, she is a pole hugger. If you are wondering why, it's because it makes her feel safe but this light pole in particular protects her too. According to a 2017 NCBI article, nearly 1,300 children die from gunshot wounds in the United States every year, while 5,790 are treated. says that 12 children die from gun violence in America each day and the reason why our light poles are more than just light poles. They are intelligent, sustainable solutions designed to prevent a potential perpetrator to enter an establishment. These poles come equipped with an integration of intelligence and off the grid illumination that includes a safety security alert system, facial recognition, license plate scanners, gun detection, with many more a la carte features with a keen focus to reduce domestic gun violence. It's also offers broadband access with point-to-point architecture providing libraries of data that generate value, information and confidence. Our light poles are leading the way to an environmentally safe approach to improve our ever-changing community's landscape while protecting citizens of all ages.

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